Sutton, Barth & Vennari
(323) 938-6000
JC Robbins Management
(310) 734-7914
Television (partial list)
  TOUCH Guest Star dir: Milan Cheylov
  SOUTHLAND Co-Star dir: Christopher Chulack
  HARRY'S LAW Co-Star dir. Jonathan Pontell
  THE EVENT Co-Star dir. Norberto Barba
  THE FORGOTTEN Co-Star dir. Holly Dale
  HEROES Co-Star dir. Ed Bianchi
  HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Co-Star dir. Pamela Fryman
  MEDIUM Guest Star dir: Andy Wolk
  I'M IN THE BAND Co-Star dir. Victor Gonzalez
  GIRLFRIENDS Co-Star dir: Debbie Allen
  STANDOFF Co-Star dir: Steve Gomer
  BOSTON LEGAL Guest Star dir: Bill D'Elia
  PEPPER DENNIS Co-Star dir: Robert Berlinger
  GHOST WHISPERER Co-Star dir: Jim Chrissanthis
  WINDFALL Co-Star dir: David Paymer
  ALLY MCBEAL Guest Star dir: Bethany Rooney
  THE O.C. Co-Star dir: Ian Toynton
  WITHOUT A TRACE Co-Star dir: John Showalter
  STATE OF GRACE Guest Star dir. Sheldon Larry
  7th HEAVEN Co-Star dir: Harry Harris
  DR. VEGAS Co-Star dir: Phil Sgriccia
  ANGEL Co-Star dir: Jefferson Kibbee
  THE PRACTICE Co-Star dir: Alex Graves
  BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 Co-Star dir: Chip Chalmers
  CHICAGO HOPE Co-Star dir: Adam Arkin
  SEX AND THE CITY Co-Star dir: Susan Seidelman
  LATE NIGHT w/ Conan O'Brien Recurring dir: Andy Richter
  THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Recurring Various
  GUIDING LIGHT Recurring Various
  ALL MY CHILDREN Recurring Various
  AS THE WORLD TURNS Recurring Various
Film (partial list)
  Standing By Lead dir: David Nelson
  Scorcher Supporting dir: James Seale
  Evil Hill Supporting dir: Ryan Shifrin
  Clear and Present Danger Supporting dir: Phillip Noyce
  Tortured Intellectuals Featured dir: Michael Haddad
  Vertof Goes To Hollywood Featured dir: Chris Eska
  NY Crossing Featured dir: Ken Parkert
New York Theatre
This Passion Thing Chris The Working Group
The Hunger Waltz Greg The Working Group
Detective Story Det. Callahan NY Performance Alliance
The Fascinating Foundling Brabazon NY Performance Alliance
Bay Orchard High Chester Particle Wave Theatre
A Wedding Album The Best Man The Working Group
Regional Theatre
  Fortinbras Horatio Theatre Neo (LA)
Mad Forest Dimitru Sock & Buskin
The Art of Waiting The Actor Sock & Buskin
Antony and Cleopatra Enobarbus Production Workshop
The Merry Wives of Windsor Mr. Page Production Workshop
Scheherazade Weldon Awareness Project
A Fatal innocence Roger Peck On Stage Theater
The Perfect Moment The Voice Britol Theater
Special Skills:
Pogo Stick, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Rollerblading, Scuba Diving, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Skiing, Host, Juggler, Licensed Driver, Teleprompter, Irish Accent, New York Accent, Southern Accent
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Blair Hickey, actor